An Open Letter to Uber and Lyft

I didn’t vote against your Prop 1 this Saturday. I didn’t vote for it either. I don’t use your services so I didn’t feel my vote or voice needed to be raised.

But your proposition rhetoric and media campaign changed my mind. Your media campaign especially befuddled, and consequently annoyed, me. You had the opportunity to clear the air about Prop 1, specifically the fingerprint background check issue, but instead you clouded it.

Several things bothered me but what really annoyed me was that you missed the opportunity to reach out to open-minded people, like me, and get us on your side. People who have friends using both your services and loving them.

You missed the opportunity to educate the public and win some fans. You missed the opportunity to expand your brand. And you misunderstood the people of Austin.

You talked like we were ignorant. You made your pitch that it was your way or no way, a child’s tantrum. But it felt like a distraction to get what you wanted. Only it didn’t work, most tantrums don’t.

But why was the distraction even necessary? Could it be you were afraid more people would ask, why can you fingerprint drivers in NYC and Houston but not here?

And now you’re leaving Austin and you want everyone to know it. Only you’re not really gone and the issue’s not over – not really.

In fact the Texas legislature is currently working on statewide regulation to address these specific issues and make them uniform across all counties and cities. That’s a good thing, no doubt.

What’s not good, soundbites by elected officials supporting easing restrictions in favor of y’all because, people love Uber and Lyft. Well people love methamphetamine but we still put restrictions on it. (I hate soundbites, they sound ridiculous.)

So while this debate plays out, Uber and Lyft, I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say. Hey, I’m still open-minded. And I’m still here.


Now I may hate soundbites but I love thoughtful, respectful comments.

So what you do you think of the recent media campaign and political posturing by Uber and Lyft here in central Texas? Do you know of similar debates in other areas of the world?

And for those not current with these events, or Uber and Lyft, visit these links and share your thoughts afterwards.

Statesman Overview

Politifact Fact Checking

Statesman Statistic Check

Statesman Explains Prop 1

The New York Times


The Wall Street Journal

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Uber and Lyft

  1. I have to say I’m uncomfortable with Uber. I don’t think they’re in my city at the moment (we’re not very big), but I’m not sure I would use them even if they were. There are too many unanswered questions – the biggest one that bothers me is the security issue. Are the drivers vetted as well as conventional taxi drivers? for instance.

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    1. That’s the very question people everywhere will hopefully be asking. I’ve never used Uber but I’m opening myself up to the idea because so many of my friends really like the service.

      I would like to know how insurance coverage works since people are using their personal cars for work purposes. If I get an answer to that one I’ll definitely let you know.

      And as far as vetting drivers goes, based on what I’ve read so far for this post, it apparently depends on the individual city’s ordinances.

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