The Best New Grammy Award

The Grammy awards are this Sunday (the Brit awards are Feb 22, I believe), and I’m looking forward to them. But not because I want to see who wins Album, Record, or Song of the Year.

I really just watch the show for the performances. I mean, who even knows the difference between Album, Record, or Song of the Year anyway.*

Now, I would tune in just for the awards if they were more relatable and geared towards everyday people — like Best Song about Asthma or Best Song about Attention Deficit Disorder. Those are songs that can really connect with people unlike ever before. Besides, do we really need another song about a broken heart anyway (unless it’s by Adele of course)?!

Look I know these new awards will probably never catch on. Perhaps, they’re a little too niche, too specific. But Best Song about Obstructed Breathing or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder could work. They’re broader. So, y’know, they’re more competitive.

I also realize these categories are hard to fill. That’s another reason (of many) we won’t see them on the Grammy Awards anytime soon. My Songs about Asthma list is pretty short, it only has 2 songs and 1 honorable mention on it, and I’ve been working on it for over ten years.

But not having finished the list in under ten years led me to start my second list. And I’m doing much better with my Songs about AD/HD list. I only have 1 song in it but I started the list last year, so in comparison this list is HUGE. But this proves my point, that the market for these songs is wide open!

So what awards would you add to the Grammys or Brits if you could? And what songs would you nominate in your new categories?

I’ve listed my awards and nominees below — add to them or start your own in the comments.

Best Song about Asthma:

Honorable Mentions

  • It Takes Two — Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
    For the lyrics, “Let me clear my throat.”

Best Song about AD/HD:

  • Focus — Ariana Grande


*And for the record: Album of the Year goes to the singer and producers of an album, Record of the Year goes to the singer and producers of a single song, and Song of the Year goes to the writers and composers of a singe song (according to Wikipedia).

So now we all know.

© Indian Macgyver 2017


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