Cinco de Mayo

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, or the 5th of May (not Mexican Independence Day), I’ll be enjoying cinco margaritas (responsibly of course).

For the record, I won’t but I could. Also for the record, I don’t need a reason to appreciate a good* margarita. But if I did this week would suffice.

In fact, the last few months would be all the reason I need to become an agave farmer. Though given the choice I’ld rather be a margarita farmer.

© B. Mac’ 2017

But I’m not here to complain. I’m here to celebrate like General Zaragoza and the citizenry of Puebla de Los Angeles ostensibly did on May 5th, 1862. I’m guessing they partied like it was 1899!

But more important than how they partied, is why they partied. After all the Battle of Puebla didn’t end the Franco-Mexican War. The war didn’t end for another 5 years.

Cinco de Mayo doesn’t celebrate the end of something. It’s celebrates the beginning of something. The Cinco de Mayo celebrations kept the Mexican people fighting, it kept them moving forward. Cinco de Mayo celebrates an unstoppable momentum. Or at least that’s how I like to see it.

It’s in that spirit that I’ll raise a glass or 5 tonight. I’m not celebrating a date in history or a symbolic military turning point. I’m celebrating a spirit of change universal to one and all.

And to spur that change I’ve set 5 goals for this month, or Cinco Goles Para Mayo, I want to accomplish. They’re not grand in scope but they’re symbolic and full of hope.

Hope that I can grow and change. Hope that I’ll keep moving forward.

🎊 Cinco Goles Para Mayo 🎊

  • ◊ Start Swimming
  • ◊ Write Daily, Post Weekly
  • ◊ Read A Book A Month
  • ◊ Recommencer French Lessons
  • ◊ Finish These Goals 😉

Happy Cinco de Mayo Y’all!


*For the record you know you have a good margarita if the following 3 things are true:

  1. It’s sour.
  2. It’s refreshingly satisfying.
  3. It’s soon to be followed by a few or slew more.

P.S. If you enjoyed today’s illustration be sure to check out this post for more good clean fun!

Illustration by B. Mac’
© Indian Macgyver 2017

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