The Case of the Mysteriously Puzzling Netflix Recommendation

Technology and I are decent friends. I won’t say we’re best buds but I’m no luddite either. What I mean is, I know how to find Netflix wherever I am.

What I can’t figure out though, is the Netflix recommendation algorithm. It’s basically Greek to me or to put it more precisely — it’s Korean to me.

Based on my interest in “Train to Busan” which is a South Korean zombie movie of apocalyptic proportions (or so I’ve read*) Netflix recommended the new Louis C.K. comedy special. Scratching your head – me too.

Netflix recommended this to me on Monday and I admit I’m still flummoxed today (If you’re still scratching your head in 3-4 days you might wanna look into a good dandruff shampoo though).

Now had I watched the new Louis C. K. special and “Train to Busan” maybe all of this would’ve made sense, but then I wouldn’t have had this post to write (though perhaps I could’ve written about the surprising connection between Louis C. K. and Korean zombies (Talk about a real viral post)). But we’ll never know now…or will we**.

If there are any readers looking for a few good South Korean tv shows or movies to watch on Netflix, as someone interested in “Train to Busan,” I can definitely recommended the following:

  • The Host – Another monster movie, though it falls under the creature feature genre, creature feature with a message to be exact.Though it doesn’t rely on that message to be noteworthy
  • Oldboy – An old movie, it’s from 2003, but it’s forever young as one of the darkest, emotionally violent movies I’ve ever seen.It gets dark early and gets fifty shades darker (but not in the fun way) before it ends.
  • The Sound of Your Heart – Based on the longest running webtoon*** in South Korea this is a feel good television show that charmed the pants right off me. The first episode is practically perfect!And if you need a reason to smile, queue this one up — you won’t be disappointed.
  • The Cravings – These may actually be webisodes as they’re only 10 minutes long but the first season is a literal smorgasbord of tasty tidbits.


*Yes I’ve only read about Train to Busan. It’s still in my queue so no spoilers (unless they’re in Korean)!

**If there is a connection I’m honor-bound to write about it.

***Until this show I’ld never heard of the term webtoon but it’s turning out to be a diverse and verdant source of entertainment.

© Indian Macgyver 2017


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