Love Story: Father’s Day

As I previously said, every good love story, and good meal, starts with a tasty side-dish. But neither’s complete* without a hard, stiff drink.

Part 2: The Spirit of Love.

© B. Mac’ 2017

Mr. Scotch was a man’s man, strong and straight to the point. He could make you laugh one minute and start a fight the next. But he aged well and mellowed.

He always understood what mattered most in life, the simple things. He also understood what mattered most to an Indian woman — control!

But the thing that makes Mr. Scotch special, that makes him one of a kind, is that he’s always giving someone a reason to smile. At least that’s what my mother says.

Well those aren’t her exact words. No she usually says, “Go talk to your father he’s giving me a headache.”

All I can say is, thanks Dad for always giving us a reason to laugh (whether it’s with you or at you)!

💝Happy Fathers’s Day Y’all!💝

Oh and also,

To Be Continued….


*The final part of this Love Story Event will drop soon, see you then.
And if you missed the first part now’s your chance to catch up!


Well the risk paid off y’all. My Mother’s Day card and/or post was a rousing success (hey my target audience was pleased)!

This funny Father’s Day card is less risky, in that my dad doesn’t read my blog. He doesn’t know how to (how to find my blog**, I mean).

But on the up side that means the pressure’s off this week. On the down side, though, I didn’t revolutionize the greeting card industry (I know you’re just as surprised as me).

But as I perused the aisles of my preferred greeting card store, note I didn’t peruse any halls (namely because the shop I go to is all walls), I didn’t find a single ′Funny Indian Father’s Day Card′ nor a selection of ′Funny Father’s Day Cards about Food′ (which I thought had a better than decent shot of actually being stocked).

So while that day still lingers somewhere in the not too distant future I’ll keep writing these posts.

Besides it’s cheaper than buying a card my father won’t even understand (**but he can find a card, he just can’t always find his sense of humor).

Happy Father’s Day to one and all. Now — Drink Up!

Illustration by B. Mac’
© Indian Macgyver 2017


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