Gone Fishin’

Disclaimer: The following analogy might be a little bit fishy.

Writing for me is like fishing. Every word is my live bait, wriggling and squirming in my hands, full of life and possibility.

With each sentence I cast my line. All I can do is guide it. But where it lands isn’t always where I predict. And the “bloop” sound, as the water breaks, well that’s my punctuation mark.

I like to fish where it’s quiet, where the waters run deep, and where the fish farm themselves.

I fish because I’m trying to catch a little inspiration.

When it comes to inspiration —  I ain’t throwin’ nothing back. And if, by chance, I hook a whopper, well I know I may not reel it in. That’s life.

But I also know with a little luck and a whole lotta hard work, I might just land it some day.

© B. Mac’ 2017

I like the way I fish. It’s peaceful, centering, and most of all because worms give me the heebie-jeebies.


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And if you have your own take on what writing means to you, I’d love to hear it.

Illustration by B. Mac’
© Indian Macgyver 2017


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