Schloss Gobelsburg 2018

Skurnik Wines

Extremely fragrant and expressive.

Fine stone fruit notes and layers of subtle undertones with a nice racy finish.

– Central Market Tasting Notes

Overall Rating:


This wine is an okay bottle with the potential to become a dependable bottle.

  • + It’s a surprisingly good mixer.
  • – The flavor notes are more dense than subtle.
  • – Marketed as a sustainable wine but my mouth’s not buying the hype.

The Schloss Gobelsburg 2018 Gruner Veltliner is reminiscent of stone fruit in that like a peach, or cherry, or mango (my point here, stone fruit is a pretty broad category) when it’s good it’s great but when it’s bad it’s not even worth finishing.

A But-Wine

And this wine is just that, a but-wine. I don’t like it but the bottle’s open. I don’t want another glass but I need one, (it’s that kind of week). I don’t drink grape juice but it’s a surprisingly good mixer.


  • 1/2 a glass of wine (as generous a pour as your spirit allows)
  • about 2-3 oz of mango flavored sparkling water (it’s a stone fruit after all)
  • an ounce or two of vodka

And you’re well off to finishing the race this gruner vetliner promised.

I’m willing to give this but-wine another try, though not necessarily for the reason you might suspect.

But-wines have potential, they just didn’t measure up on the day. So they’re worth revisiting. That, and I have allergies which can play havoc on the t-buds. Plus as this is my first review, maybe I wouldn’t know a good gruner if it slapped me in the mouth.

And if you want a bit of fun, take a gander at the talking points listed on the Skurnik site. They are amusing, but wine buying is no laughing matter.


For more about why I’m writing about wine, the rating system, and eventually other wine reviews visit my wine journal.

And if you wanna teach me a thing or two, or more, about wine – my glass is always ready (comment section too). Cheers!

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