The Doctor Will See You Now

© B. Mac’

“Cara Mia! What kind of creepy Addams Family therapist works there?”

God, how I wish B. Mac’ had said that — hand to keyboard. But B. Mac’ swears she saw that sign and I believe her. While she can draw and, occasionally, she’s even got a way with words, she really can’t lie.

B. Mac actually said, “What kind of creepy therapist works there?!” and, well, she makes a good point. After all, therapy’s not always the answer. And it’s definitely not the answer when towels, scented candles, & your relatives are involved. That just feels…counter–productive.

Her question’s good too, though. That sign says just enough to make you wonder, well maybe too much. C’mon, it takes a certain type of character to mash those two treatments together. A je ne sais quoi quality.

So I drove to the office to book a full, half, or quarter hour and get B. Mac her answer (and maybe get the kink in my lower back worked out too). Instead I got a happy ending I never saw coming.

B. Mac really can’t lie, but I forget she can’t really see either (and while I’m at it, her hearing’s pretty bad too which could be humorous if it wasn’t so aggravating, but more on that later).

© B. Mac’

While the therapist may be more normal than I imagined, B. Mac’s way stranger than I ever dreamed. Really, what person would ever think to combine family and massage therapy? I’ll tell you who.

“She’s creepy and she’s kooky,
Ridiculous and goofy,
She’s altogether ooky,
She’s myopic B.Mac.”


This post appeared a few years ago, on a previous blog, and I’m posting it again for a few reasons.

1. The facts are true.
2. It paints a pretty accurate picture of B. Mac’.
3. And it’s easy to lose sight of what matters.

What matters in particular is that B. Mac’ and I are fighting a lot more these days, sort of like Wednesday and Pugsley Addams (she’s more Pugsley by the way – doesn’t have the forehead for Wednesday). But that’s not to imply we aren’t close.

Much like the Addams’ siblings, we’re too close by most accounts. We’re just not seeing eye to eye on a lot of things, which makes seeing each other harder than it otherwise should be.

It doesn’t help when you’ve got the eyesight of wombat either (do wombats have bad eyesight, they certainly sound like they do).

And when you’re fighting, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters. Arguments are like the internet in a way, context is lost.

Clearly there’s something, if not many things, wrong with B. Mac’ – trust me, she agrees. But there’s a lot more that’s right about her, than most people will ever see.

Originally posted on ChicPrune
© Indian Macgyver

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  1. Jen Mierisch says:

    This made me laugh. “Family and Massage Therapy” indeed. Would family therapy be easier if you participated in it while being massaged? The world may never know!


    1. hi there – first glad you laughed. second i’ve had time to really give this issue some thought and frankly here’s hoping the world never has to find out!


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