A Product of the 80’s: Slasher Films

© B. Mac’

Now before I begin, technically speaking, the slasher film may have started with 1978’s Halloween or even a little earlier. But the slasher film hit its stride in the 80’s and became a genre – a product of the 80s.

For me though, the slasher film wasn’t a genre of horror. It was horror. The first horror movies I saw were slasher films and by sheer blind luck, they became the films of my youth.

Through the advent of glorious VHS (Video Home System) slasher films found a new, albeit underage, audience in my friends and I – and arguably the rest of our generation. I’m only guessing, but we’re probably the first generation to have access to these movies way before we, or our parents, knew any better.

I was easily 6-8 years old when I saw A Nightmare On Elm Street with my Indian friends. And I wasn’t much older when my school friends and I started renting slasher films most every weekend (there were plenty of them to keep us busy by that time, and we weren’t all that discerning).

Side note: Yes, I had Indian friends and school friends. It was the 80’s and if teen movies got anything right – cliques were how you survived.

Given what you’ve just read it’s probably not surprising that I still enjoy watching horror movies to this day. Though I’m a little more discerning now, a little more critical, I like to think.

Take Hulu’s horror anthology series, Into the Dark for example. It’s a holiday based horror anthology, so there’s one for Halloween, a few actually. There’s at least one for Christmas Day, one for New Year’s Day, one for Valentine’s Day, and even one for April Fool’s Day. There even seems to be one based on Back-To-School Day, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a holiday (unless you’re a parent).

The point, Hulu’s definition of “holiday” is pretty broad. And yet, there’s no Diwali installment – dun, dun, dun.

But Mac’, Diwali’s not a scary holiday like Halloween or Valentine’s Day. It’s not even on the same day every year! And, besides, a lot of people in the states haven’t heard of Diwali.

Hey Internet, I hear ya.

First bonus point for knowing Diwali’s sometimes in late October or early November, that’s impressive. But I’m gonna have to disagree with you. I don’t think the date or people’s awareness of the holiday matter at all.

Horror movies, and by that I mean slasher films, aren’t about the details. They’re about the victims. And if you disagree, just ask Candyman – all he wants is a victim.

The horror movies I relish most have a few basic commonalities: a very angry killer, a very twisted backstory, and friends just looking to have some, ahem, fun. And if you distill that down a little you end up with: a very angry killer, a very twisted backstory, and friends just looking to have some pg-rated fun – a Diwali slasher film in the making.

Look, in it’s simplest terms (and those are the only terms an Indian kid born and raised in 1980’s Texas is gonna understand) Diwali is basically Indian New Years.

It’s about celebrating family and friends, lighting candles and fireworks, and having a party. Yes there’s a religious aspect to it but I can’t do it justice here and I wouldn’t expect a Diwali based slasher film to either.

By now, Internet, you’re probably thinking, Look Mac’ why don’t you stop criticizing the fact that there’s no Diwali slasher film stateside and do something to correct the fact. Well Internet, without further adieu let me introduce:


This post and the horror story coming soon came together pretty fast, so don’t expect too much. Still, I liked the idea and the timing, Diwali is this weekend, so why not. Please check back this Friday for all the gory Deadwali details.

And until then let’s discuss what niche horror movies you’d like to see, in the comments below!

© Indian Macgyver

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  1. saroful says:

    OK, I’m actually on tenterhooks waiting for Deadwali though. (My biggest victory of the past two years was getting a friend to hear “diwali” in the “wallll-e” voice every time, which I’m only semi-ashamed to admit.) If we can have FIVE Leprechaun films I don’t see why we can’t have a decent horrible B-movie Diwali.


    1. I totally forgot about the Leprechaun movies, though I do recall one takes place in space. Who knows maybe for Deadwali 2! Hope the wait is worth it 🤞

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jen Mierisch says:

    When I read your posts I feel like we are in a bar together gabbing over drinks. The conversational tone is fun. My workplace has a Diwali celebration every fall (at least half my co-workers are Indian, hey that’s software development in America for ya), and it’s always fabulous, and I leave with my belly stuffed and my hand henna’d. Looking forward to Deadwali.


    1. Well that is a great compliment (it makes all the years I’ve been talking to myself worth it)! Software in America actually sounds a little bit more awesome… also appreciate the kind words


  3. That mention of 1978’s Halloween took me right back. That was probably the last horror movie I ever saw. Definitely not my thing. But your playful style in this piece gave us a clear picture of the fun you have with this genre.


    1. Thanks for seeing past the gore so to speak. It’s nice to know the tone was front and center.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. asharajan says:

    Your voice is so clear throughout this piece. I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to horror flicks (jump scares work rather too well on me), so I don’t share your passion, but your enthusiasm was so infectious. It’s super interesting to me that you linked Diwali and horror, given that Diwali is the festival of lights and meant to banish the darkness! It’s an intriguing contrast.


    1. Glad to hear it. The link jumped out at me recently, so it’s interesting to me too. I hope it pays off but even if it doesn’t the effort has been worth it!


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