Wilbur’s Tale

E.B. White's pretty famous, most of his works are well known at least, and beloved at best. Continue Reading »


Lucky Dog

It's early Sunday, June 12th. Outside it's already another hot, muggy morning as I adjust the straps on Sir's walking vest. Standing barefoot in my kitchen, on the smooth cool tile, I should be grateful that it's taken this long to get this hot. I am and I'm not, my feelings are complicated. That's why … Continue reading Lucky Dog

Am I Talking To Myself?

Intrepid Ace Reporter Indian Macgyver, here at the helm of a hard hitting exposé on the enigmatic, mercurial blogger, only known as, Indian Macgyver. First let me drop a link to - I. M. Asks because hey it's my blog. And second, yes, I am talking to myself. One thing's for sure, this ain't no typical … Continue reading Am I Talking To Myself?