Indian Macgyver Asks

© B. Mac' 2016
© B. Mac’ 2016

Is a press reporting elephant logo a racist stereotype or humorously self aware? Hey, I’ve got a big mouth and I’m not afraid of asking the tough, scary questions. But answering them takes time.

Luckily, I also ask easy questions like — What is Intrepid Ace Reporter Indian Macgyver about?

My alter, alter ego is all about following his flight of fancy where ever it may go. I don’t know when my curiosity will grab me—but when it does—I do know to hold on and not let go. Not till I’m utterly, thoroughly bored.

So, if you’re not completely bored yet-read on.


Am I Talking To Myself?

A hard hitting exposé on the enigmatic, mercurial blogger, only known as, Indian Macgyver. Hey wait, that’s me!