Namaste Y’all

I’m Indian Macgyver, a product of the 80’s, and welcome to my internet abode.

I write about what’s in my glass, on my plate, and lingering in my head…things worth remembering basically – life’s indelible bits.

Thanks for visiting. The site’s evolved some over the years, as I’ve evolved, I guess. I’m not so sure how much I’ve changed, if I’m honest. I do want to but, I mean, how much do any of us really change?

But the site, now that’s definitely undergone some renovations. There’s no doubt about that. The internet wasn’t built for doubt, after all – no room for it.

Are machines even capable of doubt?

And that little digression is what this site’s not about.

But it highlights one fundamental thing about me that hasn’t changed in a very long time – it’s easier for me to write something that doesn’t matter than something that does.

Just like it’s easier to list the things I don’t like, than the things I do. And that makes it easier for me to forget the good things, the things worth remembering.

So that’s what this site’s about – change, or trying to at least – and discovering life’s indelible bits in the process.

And here’s hoping you find something you like as well, cheers!

© Indian Macgyver, September 2019

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