Happy Memorial Day Y’all!

But the weekend, well now, that's what you make of it. Continue Reading »


The Case of the Mysteriously Puzzling Netflix Recommendation

Technology and I are decent friends. I won't say we're best buds but I'm no luddite either. What I mean is, I know how to find Netflix wherever I am. Continue Reading »

Love Story: Mother’s Day

Now, without further ado we begin like all good love stories, and good meals, do with a tasty side-dish. Continue Reading »

One Reason for Everyone to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

But I'm not here to complain. I'm here to celebrate like General Zaragoza and the citizenry of Puebla de Los Angeles ostensibly did on May 5th, 1862. I'm guessing they partied like it was 1899!

Spring Cleaning

It's not too cold or too hot so getting the lingering winter dust bunnies on to their summer lodgings is easy peasy. In other words, a good spring clean is fun (It's a little cathartic too). Continue Reading »

The Best New Grammy Award

I would tune in just for the awards if they were more relatable and geared towards everyday people — like Best Song about Asthma or Best Song about Attention Deficit Disorder. Continue reading »