Advice To My Younger Self

Listen Up Mac', What can I say so my parents understand watching tv isn't being lazy (it's just my way of unwinding)? The best I've been able to muster is, "I SAID IN A MINUTE!" And if I say it again, that minute might be my last. Signed, Teenage Indian Macgyver Continue reading »


Indian Macgyver Says

"Happy Birthday to a BIG little 4 year old!!!!"
I know you're not reading this because you're turning 4 and have many better things to do like eating a lot, A LOT, of cake and blowing out the most candles you've ever seen! Continue reading »

Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchens are scary places. They're full of sharp objects, slippery wet surfaces, bottomless junk drawers, and scariest of all — broccoli. Continue reading

Lessons from my Father

My father taught me all he knows about manners, or tried to anyway. Why, because manners are the building blocks of a gentleman and the cornerstone of polite society. So he taught me to open a door for a lady, even when she's my sister. He taught me to serve a guest the best you … Continue reading Lessons from my Father

Am I Talking To Myself?

Intrepid Ace Reporter Indian Macgyver, here at the helm of a hard hitting exposé on the enigmatic, mercurial blogger, only known as, Indian Macgyver. First let me drop a link to - I. M. Asks because hey it's my blog. And second, yes, I am talking to myself. One thing's for sure, this ain't no typical … Continue reading Am I Talking To Myself?