Wine Journal

This page is here, in part, because I have a passion for exploring wines [mainly from the comfort of my local grocery store, wine shop, and Costco]. It’s also here because I have a passion for not drinking the same bad wine twice, fool me once and all.

Wine’s something my family and friends enjoy as well – it’s fun. Hey, some people enjoy a good mystery, wine’s a mystery all it’s own.

The rating system is simple because – it’s wine, not work. The systems works as follows:

  • 🍷 – There’s nothing redeemable about this bottle.
  • 🍷🍷 – An okay bottle, though not one I’d seek out again.
  • 🍷🍷🍷 – Things are looking up with these dependable bottles.
  • 🍷🍷🍷🍷 – These repeatable bottles almost guarantee good times.
  • (🍷) – This extra glass signifies a bottle on the border of levelling up.

The overall goal for this wine journal is pretty simple too. I want to catalogue the wine that I drink so that, eventually, I’ll have a list of go-to wines that I don’t go to, too often (because there are just too many to choose from).

I also hope I’ll learn a thing or two along the way, like how to whiten teeth with a good pinot grigio. Please let me dream.

But like I said, this is a passion project of sorts – which means I’ve got no degree in Tanninology. I never even got accepted to Wine University (and the riddiling internship, let’s just say I still have nightmares about it).

But, in case you’re wondering, here are a few reasons you may just want to hear what these anonymous tastebuds have to say.

I was tasting toast
before I could drink.

I have, in fact, stomped grapes
(glass to god)!

Minerality is my kryptonite
(It gets me every time).

The Whites

Skurnik Wines

Schloss Gobelsburg 2018

Happy Diwali/Halloween Y’all 👻

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